Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It Had To Be You, Harry. And Me. You And Me. And Possibly George Clooney, If You're Into That Type Of Thing.

I was miserably sick last week. A bad week to be ill because Friday was the Harry Connick Jr. concert. I was sick enough to miss three days of work, so my chances of attending the concert were looking pretty bad for awhile.

Monday Hmmmm, I feel pretty crummy. My throat is so sore. Lucky I have the whole week to get better before the concert.

Tuesday Blech, I feel worse today. Good thing I went to the doctor and got anitbiotics. I'll be fine by Friday.

Wednesday Okay, still feel like shit. Don't panic. Power through, lady. Don't let Captain Carl see how sick you are...he'll make you stay home from the concert.

Thursday Damn it! Why am I still sick?? The concert is tomorrow. TOMORROW. I. Will. Not. Miss.

Friday morning Seriously? Seriously with the coughing and the phlegm and nastiness? OMG, I might not make it to the concert. No, wait. I'll call the doctor...

Friday afternoon Okay, I managed to convince the doctor to give me a steroid shot on account of my "family reunion" that I couldn't miss tonight. Feeling better. Actually, feeling pretty awesome right now. A little jumpy. Can't feel my left leg from the knee down for some reason. Eyes are on fire. Don't care. This concert is sooooo happening!

And so I convinced Captain Carl late on Friday afternoon that the steroid shot had done the trick, I was miraculously better in a short period of time and he agreed to take me to see my Harry.

I. Was. So. Many. Happies.

And a bit loopy from the steroids and cold medicine, apparently. Because I insisted on making a video in the car on the way to the concert.

I love how the Captain plays along with my stupid ideas. He's the bread to my butter. The stick to my stamp. The fallopian tube to my ovary. Or whatever.

So we get to the concert (late, as usual) and we walk in the back and I can see Harry on the big screen and I can hear him singing and I get all jumpy and clappy and start yelling things like "Harrrrry!" and "Wooooo hoooo!" and "It's okay, I'm here now!!" while Captain Carl drags me to our row.

And as we climb over 15 people to get to our seats, I ask each of them "How long has he been singing? Did I miss much?" and they all just glared at me except one lady who answered with "This is his first song" and I totally stopped right there and hugged her and yelled in her ear "I'm so excited, aren't you???!!! OMG, our boobs totally just touched!". Then the Captain pushed me into my chair and I promptly whipped out my phone and started videotaping. For exactly 21 seconds. That was how long it took the Captain to tell me I was blocking the view of the people behind me.

So then I just tried to take pictures, but the lady in front of me turned around and was all "Hey, they said you can't take pictures" and I was all "Oh yeah? Well, I'll have you know that Harry is family (pretend husband, remember?) so it's okay" and she was all "I'm going to get security", so I was all rolling my sleeves up about to throw down with this bitch until Captain Carl told me to knock it off. So instead I was all "Look, I'm sorry lady. It's the steroids talking" and she was all *blank stare* and I was all "Harrrry!!!! I love youuuuu!!!".

So that's why I don't have any pictures. But here's the video.

21 seconds of pure heaven. Even if he's out of focus. Totally worth the 48 hours of fever and and hacking cough and startlingly large amounts of mucus that followed afterwards.


Moooooog35 said...

Harry who?

Ed said...

Capt C is the bomb!

P.S. Should've punched a bitch or two.

Could have said it was 'Roid Rage.

Megs said...

The steroids do that to me, too. They do that, and they make me eat like someone's prize heifer. Like if I stop putting food in my mouth for even a second, we're all gonna die.

Eva Gallant said...

I'm so glad you made it to the concert!!!

laughingmom said...

Harry and George at the same time? Interesting idea...

Anonymous said...

OMG! It's like I was there with you!!!!!

P.S. Captain Carl's hair was AWESOME!!!!!!!

Mamma said...

Harry is to you what George Strait is to me! Love that man....go easy on me, I'm from Texas and he is so me... :)

I would not miss George for the world! So happy you got to see Harry.

Fork those forkers for messing with you! They have to live in the forked-up-ness. :)

Joanna Jenkins said...

You two are two darn cute. And Captain Carl's hair looks great.

xo jj

aerocline said...

I wonder if he IS into that type of thing? Or George... I wonder if HE'S into that type of thing? Harry, and Clooney, and you, oh, my! I want pictures, or at least a 21-second video.

By the way, your Frozen Grapes Recipe? OOOOOOOOOOOOOH. Last week when I burned myself chopping TWO LITTLE JALAPENOS to make pico de gallo, those goddamn frozen grapes were the ONLY THING I could find that gave me comfort. (Even the vodka was a bust.) I rubbed them all over the hot spots, and when they were completely thawed, I ate 'em. (I'm really glad the hot spots stopped at my hands and face.)

Nina Patricia @ The Adventures of Nina Patricia said...

you guys are like condense milk to bananas: delicious, gooey, sweet and a little pornographic.
So9 glad you where able to go :)

A Kitchen Witch said...

Congrats on making the awesomeness!

Nicole said...

I'm working on my first ever Harry Connick Jr. post. It's about how he remembers me. Oh, he totally remembers me. But then, who doesn't remember the obnoxious Jersey chick? Um, like secret lovers, we are. Me and Harry. Not that I wouldn't give you a shot.

I'll dedicate the post to you and you'll be like, "Ninja who now?" It will be fun. Promise.

Miss Yvonne said...

Mooooog35: Don't make me hurt you.

Ed: I can still use 'roid rage as an excuse a week later, right? Cause I knows some bitches I'd likes to punch.

Megs: That explains why I'm eating Oreos at 7am.

Eva: Thank you, I am too!

laughingmom: I've had that interesting idea many times, my friend.

Jules: I know, right?? He was looking like a 40 year old boy band-er. Or something.

Mamma: See? You totally get me.

Joanna: Yeah, we know it.

aerocline: I knew this blog was going to save someone's life someday. Or at least someone's finger.

Nina: That is the most perfect description of us ever.

A Kitchen Witch: Why thank you!

Nicole: Look, I like you. But there's only room for one crazy blogger in Harry's life, and you ain't her, little missy. Don't make me take out my 'roid rage on you.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Harry is great in concert and here is a tip - become a member of his fan club and you score great seats! My sister is a member and we usually sit in the 3rd row or the row right behind his beautiful wife and kids.

I love his voice, piano playing and has a really cute ass.

I'm stoked he's coming back to Broadway this Fall.

Now, if I only attended church, I could see him every weekend because he lives in the town next door. Alas, I like to sleep in and am going to hell.

The Blue Faerie said...

Lol :) Looks like the steroids did make you happy!

And I have a confession. I totally just had to Wikipedia Harry Connick Jr. ...And I misspelled his name when I first typed it in. And I don't think I've seen any of his movies - Woah! He was in Independence Day? Ohhhhhh....

Okay. All caught up! :P He's actually got a really good voice. Now I'm going to have to jump into the rest of his stuff and see what he's got. ...Wow. That totally came out wrong.

P.S. I like your car video and the haircut. :)

Lo Lo said...

Captain Carl does a mean Blue Steel. Harry's great and all as pretend husband, but I think CC wins in the flair department.