Monday, October 24, 2011

Snatch Attack 13 – This Time The Mattresses Are Dirty

My sister is moving to Chicago (sob!) and gave Captain Carl and me a couple of her nice mattresses to replace the crappy ones we had left over from some of our previous renters. We decided to give the old mattresses away for free on Craigslist. Below is our text conversation regarding the issue of old mattresses…

Me: I couldn’t help but notice you forgot to put the mattresses on Craigslist this morning.
Him: I’m working on it right now. Lay off.
Me: You forgot, didn’t you.
Him: *sigh* Yes.

15 minutes later

Him: The ad is up. Go look at it. It’s the one that comes with a free cat.
Me: Nice try. I would kill you dead if you gave away my cat.
Me: Looks good…I can’t believe you put your cell number on Craigslist. You’re gonna get creepy sex offenders calling you all day.
Him: Why?
Me: Because they call numbers they find on Craigslist and talk nasty to the people while they whack off.
Him: And you know this how?
Me: I saw it on Dateline once. Or in a dream. One of the those.

10 minutes later

Him: Mattresses are gone. Picking up @ 8:30 tonight.
Me: For real? That was fast.
Him: 15 phone calls and 9 emails in 10 minutes. People are really hurting. It makes my heart sad.
Me: I know. It is so sad. We should count our blessings.

3 minutes later

Me: I bet if you had put “Free Mattress. Formerly belonged to morbidly obese crazy cat hoarder lady.” you wouldn’t have gotten as many calls.
Him: Why would I do that? Who would want a crazy cat lady’s mattress?
Me: Not many people, maybe no one. Which is exactly my point. This is a situation where truth in advertising would be a bad thing.

2 minutes later

Me: Maybe the people that are taking them aren’t actually poor and are just going to use them to film a porno.
Him: ???
Me: And then someday we’ll be watching Snatch Attack 13 and we’ll be all “OMG, that’s our mattress!”
Him: How would we know it was our mattress?
Me: By the stain on the bottom corner from that time Marian left that sub sandwich on the bed for 4 days straight.
Him: I gotta go. I need to get caught up on the first 12 Snatch Attacks.
Me: Let me know how they turn out. I’m guessing Snatch Attacks 1-5 are pretty interesting.
Him: Just 1-5?
Me: Probably after 5 there isn’t much creativity left. There are only so many holes in the human body.

10 minutes later

Him: Just googled it. There is an actual Snatch Attack porno. Have you seen it?
Me: No. I just made it up in my head. Go ahead and act surprised.


Mandy_Fish said...


I got rid of two mattresses on Craigslist too. I think I sold them for either $50 or $100 each. Took less than 24 hours.

I thought it was weird that people will buy used mattresses from strangers but I took the money. Yes I did.

Nicole said...

Please sell more things on Craig's List and blog it. Please. It's good times.

Eva Gallant said...

Snatch attack! I love it! too funny!

kcr said...

Ok, weirdsies.

I had a feeling that you may have posted a new entry - and bam, yes you did post a new entry TODAY. And it's about posting a mattress on Craigslist, which I am planning on doing tonight.

See how I made that all about me? But seriously, weird.

Karen123 said...

Whew...I was worried you stopped posting. Love this! :)

And then someday we’ll be watching Snatch Attack 13 and we’ll be all “OMG, that’s our mattress!”

I'm laughing still!

Wow, that was awkward said...

You guys have the best conversations. Can I come over for Thanksgiving?

See Kate run. said...

It sounds like you have the market on Snatch Attack 2-13, Ms. Yvonne!

I should have sold my used mattress on Craig's. I mean, it reeked of puke and armpits, but I'm sure I could've gotten an ice cream sunday out of it.

Kristine said...

You had me until you said you'd never seen it. Liar.

You're Lucky I Don't Have a Gun... said...

I was a little grossed out at the thought of using a stranger's old giveaway-worthy mattress... Until I read the part about morbidly obese cat lady. And then I was way the fuck grossed out.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! Missed your witty writing for a while!

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