Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Long Time No Blog

I've been slacking again in the blogging department. I'm beginning to see that I go through phases with this thing.

Anyway, Vegas was fantastic! I did not come home a huge winner, but I did not spend my whole budget...so I guess that makes me a winner in some way. I spent the first day with a dehydrated headache...took me a whole 24 hours to get over that. That sucked. But the rest of the trip was great. I even enjoyed having our flight home cancelled (thanks American Airlines!) because we got an extra night in Vegas and I won $100 on a penny slot machine. Sweet! But I had to take an extra day off from work because of the cancelled flight, so that part sucked.

And now I'm home from work today thanks to a wicked upper respiratory infection. My second in two months, thank you very much. I'm so tired of having to use vacation days for being sick. I get sick way too much since I moved to Texas.

Anyway, good news....I'm a wannabe portrait photographer and just started my business! Woot! I'll link to my website once it's up and running properly.



Traceytreasure said...

I'm so glad that you're home! I missed you! I'm glad that you had fun in Vegas(except for the first 24 hrs). So sorry to hear about your infection. Is it just allergies? Mine kill me this time of year! Welcome home and thanks for the comments. I am so excited about your new venture!! Can't wait to check out the link! Hugs!

Danielle said...

ohhhh! Congrats on the business! Can't wait to see your site. I have such a creepy stalker thing for photgraphers!!!


Miss Yvonne said...

Danielle....hmmmm, maybe I shouldn't have just posted my website? Meh, whatever. My life could use a little excitement that a creepy photographer stalker could bring to it.