Friday, October 17, 2008

Evil Dad

The kiddo is grounded...a serious lack of effort spent on his schoolwork has resulted in some less than stellar grades. So the deal is he is grounded from everything fun in life. The computer, his cell phone (so long 50 texts an hour!), his playstation, and he cannot even enter the media room upstairs...which he has sole custody of most of the time. Did I mention he has his own mini-fridge in there for his tequila and mixers?

Relax, fun nazi's...I'm just kidding about the mini-fridge. He keeps his tequila in the couch cushion, just like his father.

So he's grounded until he gets his grades back up. He's dealt with it okay so far. But that's about to change because Captain Carl just pulled the most evil Dad move ever.

He bought Rock Band.

And he's going to hook it up downstairs in our family room.

And he's not going to let the kiddo play. Not until the grades come up.

The man is an evil genius.

1 comment:

Karen said...

That is genius! I'm going to buy some awesome Wii game and keep it hidden until one of my kids gets in trouble! Seriously that was an awesome idea!