Friday, October 24, 2008

Friday Fun with Craigslist

Free Haunted Mobile Home
This is the actual text from this post I found for a free haunted mobile home...WTF???

"ok look the mobile home is ran down and NON live able. i need it moved asap. what would you do with it you ask? well it as very good vinyl siding on it. color is baby blue. you will need tongue and trailer axles. it has a metal roof on it as well. scrap? and a metal beam that runs through it. if you tear it down you must have at least a $500.00 deposit so if you run off after taking what you want and don't clean up i will have to get a dumpster to clean this mess up. i check emails after 5 in the afternoon and all day Thursday and sunday. good windows too. also its said to be haunted? Strange things have happened in this House and i mean strange!!! You could call this House the trailer that escaped AMITYVILLE!!!!! oh by the way lookin for a couple of those Amityville House Windows ya know the eye shaped ones. Looking to buy or trade for a set. "

First of all, how the hell does a trailer escape from anywhere? Second of all, dude's obviously got a weird Amityville obsession. He might as well have written the ad like this....

"Hey all you craigslist pervs.....while you're taking a break from looking for a whore in the 'casual encounters' section, please take a minute to read my awesome ad. I'm looking to get some of those windows that come from a house with a demon from hell in the basement that caused someone to murder their whole family in it. You know, the ones that look like the eyes of Satan are staring directly at you. I'll trade you this crappy piece of shit trailer that I'm saying is haunted to make the deal seem sweeter and more intriguing. Cause who doesn't want a haunted trailer, yo? You could totally take your whore in there and have haunted sexual relations.

Love Always, Weird Sideburns Trailer Guy"

Because I'm pretty sure this guy has sideburns. Just sayin'.

Free Couch
I can't believe he's giving away this awesome couch! Bonus points for not cleaning up the puke stains on the carpet before taking the picture. But he loses a point for the Diet Dr. Pepper can....should have been a Budweiser.

Check out the pillow in the middle of the couch. Yeah, that one's been used to mop up lots of bodily fluids...I just know it.


Traceytreasure said...

I'm so glad that you are back! I laughed my ass off at this! You should be in advertising! You're awesome, Yo-Mama! Thanks for the laughs!!

Have a great weekend!!

Miss Yvonne said...

Thanks Tracey! I told my husband that you said I should be in advertising and he said, "Yeah, I'm sure there are a lot of agencies that need someone to figure out ads about whores and bodily fluids."

Sigh...if only he could appreciate me like you do. LOL

BacktoBarnwell said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS! and of course, that is a trailer couch, one that comes with the trailer when purchased new...I can tell.

The funny thing is the poster's email checking schedule. LMAO. Sent by Happy Hour Sue