Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm about to blow this blog up

I'm so tired most nights, I hardly ever get on here and blog. In the mornings I have all these kick ass ideas for new posts. And then I get home from work and drag my butt through the motions of dinner, cleaning up after dinner, laundry, blah blah blah...just the thought of walking upstairs (upstairs..bah!!) to get on the computer is exhausting.

But my husband has come to the rescue once again! I broke his laptap about 5 months ago in a cleaning fit....apparently I broke the screen while closing it in a dusting fury. So we've had no computer downstairs. Seems like not a big deal to normal people. But for lazy and fat people...major issue. Anyway, today we got a package from Dell and I'm all "what the hell?" and he's all "oh yeah, I bought a new laptap" and I'm all "what the hell?" and he's all "I forgot to tell you but it was almost the same price as getting a new screen for the one you broke with your giant thumbs of death". So yea! we now have a laptap downstairs. Which means my fat ass can blog blog blog while watching Ghost Hunters and Medium. Awesome!

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