Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seven Weird Things About Me

I got tagged by Green Eyed Mama first tag ever! Yea!!

So ummm, what's a tag exactly? No kidding, I really didn't know until I went to her blog and kind of figured it out. So basically what I'm getting is someone tags answer the questions...and then you tag others?? Am I right? Please help the tagging virgin...if this is wrong, please tell me so I can edit this post quickly before more people see what a stupid noob I am!

So here's the dealio.

1. Place your link at the end of the list. If you have more than 1 blog, feel free to add them all here!
2. After placing your blog’s address, you must tag 5 or more bloggers that are not yet on the list, this is to keep the ball rolling. (Please remember to let the bloggers know they've been tagged!)

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This is pretty cool for a new blogger like me. I really wanted to find interesting blogs to read, and here is a list for me to start with. Awesome, thanks Green Eyed Mama. Unfortunately, I don't really know who to tag, since I am I'm allowing myself to skip that part. What?? I'll catch up on the next round, m'kay?

And here are my seven weird things about me.

1. I can recite Pee Wee's Big Adventure pretty much from beginning to end. Best. Movie. Ever. I have a thing for Pee Wee (the character...not Paul Reubens...there is a big difference), which explains all the references here. Ask me a question about that movie, I'll have the answer.

2. I have conversations with myself out loud. I have since I was a little girl. I was the youngest of 4 daughters, but I came 10 years after them, so it was pretty much like being an only child. I played a lot by myself, so I pretended there was always someone in the room with me. I never had a specific imaginary friend, I just had conversations with no one. And I never shook that habit, I do it every single day. I get caught all the time. Recently I was in the restroom at work, just chatting away before I realized someone else was in there. Awwwwkward!

3. I believe in ghosts. Big time. I had an experience in the house I grew up in that I swear is true. I bought a digital voice recorder this year and actually tried to get some EVP's (electronic voice phenomenon, duh) at a supposedly haunted B&B recently. I watch ghost hunting shows on tv, I read about people's encounters with ghosts and look at ghost pictures online. I've tried to capture spirits in pictures. I email spooky videos and evp's to my friends. Most of my family and friends are non-believers, so I get made fun of a lot.

4. When I'm really happy or excited, I do the running man. Doesn't matter where I am. Grocery store, the office, in the front yard. I just can't contain myself. As an added bonus, I have really big boobs so imagine that sight.

5. I heart karaoke. It makes me so happy! The more I drink , the better I am at it. I made my husband buy me a stand-up karaoke machine for Christmas last year...and we use it all the time. My signature song is "Baby Got Back". I know every single word of it, and I actually get requests for kidding. Like I'm some kind of fucking lounge singer. It's fantastic!!

6. I swear. All the time. I have no inner monologue and I say all the bad words at the most inappropriate times.

7. I hate the word "moist". Yuck.


Traceytreasure said...

I knew that I liked you! I also believe in ghosts! Big time. In fact I never feel like I'm totally alone. Not even when I'm alone in the shower. It used to creep me out. Thanks for playing along! I appreciate it!

TrodoMcCracken said...

I believe in Ghosts too! I've actually HAD GHOST ENCOUNTERS! Well, more specifically, one when I was a baby and then for ten years in a house I was living in. Ask me sometime and I'll tell you!