Saturday, November 27, 2010

Probably The Most Interesting Interview Ever Involving A Song By Bonnie Tyler

I made it through my family Thanksgiving celebration, y'all. Somehow no one got murdered this year. Hooray for murderless holidays!

So I finally got a featured interview over at Studio30+, courtesy of my awesome fly-eyed friend Vic. It's pretty much amazing awesomes. We talk about diahrrea and Carlos Spicy Weiner and my new theme song "Total Eclipse Of The Heart". It's as confusing as it sounds.

Please go read it, and then become a member. But only if you are over 30. If you are under 30, then shut up and go listen to some Justin Bieber or whatever you stupid kids are into to these days.


Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm off to read....

Joanna Jenkins said...

PS LOVED your interview but couldn't find the comment button over there :-(

Brandy Rose said...

I'm 28. Close enough?

diane said...

I wonder how many armadillos it takes to make a can of hair sperm spray?

I was thinking two, but maybe just one. whatevs. Great interview Mama! Cheers.

Nicole said...

Fab interview. Especially all the parts where you talk about *me* getting it on with Harry Connick Jr. on his piano because---that's what I'm doing New Year's Eve. I'm doing Harry. So back off. Or share. I'm not that picky. And judging by your tampon usage, you're not either.

Following you now like a good stalker should.

Nicole, Ninja Mom