Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stress Stress Baby

Yo Santa.. let's kick it.

All right stop.
Collaborate and listen
Miss Yvonne's back with a brand new edition.
Something's grabbed a hold of me tightly
Stressing me out both daily and nightly.
Will it ever stop?
Yo, I don't know.
Turn off the lights and I'll blow (that's what she said.)
To the extreme I rock the holidays like a vandal
Light up the tree and watch me jump off the handle.

Dance, Captain Carl's Santa costume
It's killing my brain like a poisonous mushroom.
Deadly, when I wrap a dope present for Melanie*
Anything less than the best is a felony.
Love it or leave it, you better not say
You better be thankful, cause Miss Yvonne don't play.
If there's a Christmas problem, yo I'll solve it.
Check out my stress acne, while I put zit cream on it.

Stress stress baby. dundundundun du dundun
Stress stress baby. dundundundun du dundun

Yo Rudolf..let's get outta here.

Word to your mutha.

*I don't know anyone named Melanie....I was having a hard time rhyming with felony, okay??
Plus I could have totally wrapped 5 presents in the time it took me to write this.


Traceytreasure said...

I loved it! What a fun post. Besides the fact that I'll have Ice, Ice Baby stuck in my head all night, I loved it!!

You're the best. Stay cool and don't let the holidays stress you OUT!!

Peace, hugs and love, T

PLO said...

Damnit, I just peed my pants. Thanks a LOT! You give Vanilla Ice a run for his, uh...bling? I doubt he has any money left.

Ms Picket To You said...

THAT? was awesome.