Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Most Awesome Bowl Cut Ever

  1. I got a new job.
  2. I am sad to leave my old job.
  3. My kid skipped school yesterday.
  4. I yelled.
  5. A lot.
  6. Now I have to drive him everywhere because I took his car away.
  7. This is more of a punishment for me than him.
  8. Damn it.
  9. Captain Carl is gone all this week.
  10. I'm exhausted.
  11. I went to Lizard's (my sister) house last night.
  12. We ordered pizza and drank wine.
  13. We drunk dialed our mom and dad.
  14. I don't think they understood what was happening.
  15. I haven't been drunk on a Tuesday night since probably college.
  16. I forgot how awesome that is.
  17. I have no idea why I'm numbering each of these sentences.
  18. Srsly.
  19. One more thing.
  20. I totally made the top 25 on's Top 100 Mom Blogs of 2009. I'm number 25 and yeah, that's just barely making it into the top 25 but whatevs because I can't believe I made the list at all. Also????
  21. I outranked Dooce. Motherfucking Dooce, y'all.
  22. I made a badge to celebrate with a picture of my 3-year old self.
  23. Cutest. Kid. Ever.


Hippo Brigade said...

You're awesome. Your 3-year-old hair is awesome.

The End.

Rita/Fighting Off Frumpy said...

That bowl cut? Is almost - ALMOST - as amazing as outranking Dooce.

Congratulations! :)

Scrappy Doo said...

Congrats on the top 25!
Drunk on a Tues and drunk dialing parents with your sib-Priceless!!

You should have made him drive you everywhere as a punishment :-)

Tony said...

OOOOOOOOH! Your son's a skipper! He's in trouble!

Sorry that you have to drive him everywhere though. You should make him take the bus. I'm just sayin...

congrats on making the top 25! I can't ever win that award, and I find that sexist.

diane said...

I totally agree with Scrappy Doo. Wish I had done something like that, but it was my mom who used to drunk dial me. Just one of the many people who have drunk dialed me. Come to think of it, I put the last person who drunk dialed me in jail and now I'm stuck watching his stupid cat while he's in there. (ahem)

Jayme said...

You fucking ROCK the bowl cut. Move over, Dorothy Hamill!

Logical Libby said...

Were you a circus child?

And I am going to be happy for you making it on that list, even though I really don't think it means anything, or else I would have been on it.

kate said...

You've seen my childhood pictures...your bowl cut was WAY cuter than my horrible dude-hair/braces combo.

Sarah said...

Why do you people always do this to me? You casually throw out a blog name I've never seen and, being curious (nosy), I have to go check it out, and THERE GOES MY MOTHERFUCKING DAY.

Also, you're awesome, and please don't be too hard on your little boy. After all, he is a man now and is capable of making mature, responsible decisions like skipping school to get laid and smoke pot. Obvi.

The mad woman behind the blog said...

Yo Mama, you rock, seriously, big fat granite boulders rock.
Loved this bunches!
BTW, when I was in HS the mom took away use of the family car and it lasted about 2 days. She didn't want to run errands. Ching!

Mama Wheaton said...

I lived with the bowl cut until 8th grade, painful memories. Sorry about the kid but you are so right we punish them and it feels more like we get punished.

____j said...

AWW! Love the bowl cut! and the list :)

Jen said...

I think this is my first comment on here. I just wanted to tell you I LOVE your blog :-). Congrats on making the top 25!

BugginWord said...

I need two more so there are 25 sentences to match your rank of # 25!! Seriously you're breaking me and my OCD ass. Stat!

Ed said... were so cute.

We could have totally hooked up back then.

Of course, I would have been age -5 or something.

Not even a gleem in my daddy's eye.

Anonymous said...

And THOSE are the reasons you didn't have time to watch some REALLY important videos for my blog???

Whatev. Like driving your kid around and being a parent is "more important...."


Congrats on your award though! I did pimp you out on that award on my blog too.

Harna said...

I drunk dial my parents every New Year's at midnight, and I'm all, "bbrrrgaaa, hiiiiiiiiieeeee! Shlappy New Sleaaaaarrs!" They would shit their pants if I did it on a Tuesday night, which is why I'm totally doing it next week.

The honor is pretty damn cool and in fact, that just might be the cutest kid ever.

Moooooog35 said...

man..if I had a nickel for every time I said 'suck it, Dooce'...

Mostly just softly to the computer monitor, but whatever.

*G*R*U*N*T*I*L*D*A* said...

Congrats...maybe you can celebrate by getting a bowl cut just for the shits and giggles...

Soda and Candy said...

I think you're an awesome mom, and that bowl cut was just the beginning.

just making my way said...

I would say that's more of a Dorothy Hamill then a bowl cut. At least that's what I tell myself when looking at pictures from my years with that haircut!

And, you're totally awesome!

Joanna Jenkins said...

High Five for the Top 25!!!!! There are VERY few peeps who can say they out scored Dooce. YOU ROCK.


Tgoette said...

Your 3-yr old photo is cute and not at all like a young Dorothy Hamill! Why is short hair associated with figure skating? So wrong! Congrats on the #25 ranking! Bet you felt like doing a triple Lutz-triple toe loop-double loop when you found out, right?

Kim said...

I must not be doing this Mommy thing right... I'm going to start reading all of your old posts, and Steamy's, so that I can get some good tips on motherhood.