Monday, November 3, 2008

McBama & Paden

Instead of trying to decipher both candidates platforms, figure out who the hey-ho the VP candidates are (because unless you are a huge political nerd, you've probably never heard of Palin or Biden before this Maybe that's just me, embarassing...) and wade through all the really mean and ugly mudslingers you come across.....

How about we just mix-mash them all up together and create one super President & VP?


I voted...I was excited about my vote. Still am.

But can I just say??? So. Tired. Of. This. Bullshit.

Captain Carl's job is no bueno and we are both dangling oh so precariously close to so many others are right now. We've got a kid to get through college in less than two years. We've got a mortgage and car payments and stupid debts to pay. I just want to feel financially safe we did 3 years ago, when we had plenty of savings and steady work. You know, before our own personal bomb hit and we were unemployed, burning through every penny of our savings and borrowing from my sister to pay the taxes. I'm sure it won't matter to us which candidate gets least in the short run. We'll still be scrambling to keep afloat for quite awhile. I don't really know who to blame for it....ourselves mainly. But lately I've really enjoyed pointing a finger at our country's leaders....the middle finger, mostly. No one is hiring right one wants to spend any more money. So you lose a job because of downsizing, outsourcing or closing all together, and you have nowhere to go.

Captain Carl took me to lunch today. He confided in me about how worried he is about his job. He's looking for something else, and there just isn't anything out there. I see on his face how awful it is for him to be back where we were not too long it keeps him up at night, worrying about how to provide for his family if he is laid off.

All those what if's......I hate them.



Lulu said...

Ohhhh...Mrs. As Sharon Osborne is want to call ladies - just Mrs.

I am not quite where you are, but M is retired, so we do have that fixed income thang..

I just so appreciate your honesty here, really. You write so very transparently. Captain Carl sounds like a really good guy...

Traceytreasure said...

Hey we are in the same boat! Hubby's boss went under months ago and we just had to get things straight with the County because our neighbor complained that hubby was working from home.
We got fined for trying to make ends meet. All those suits in Congress should be fired for running this country into a ditch!

They all get the M.F's of the year award from me. Maybe more like M.F's of the decade, or century.....Oy....I should go now.

I swear to God, Word Verification is fiesubra!! LOL!! heheheh
Okay, I guess I didn't type that correctly. Now it's imesker! I kid you NOT!!!

Miss Yvonne said...

Thanks lulu and's nice to hear others understand.

p.s. tracey, my word verification to post on my own blog (how the hell does that happen??) is "copuntat". Ha! Awesome.

Traceytreasure said...

How does that happen?

I don't have to leave word verification on my own blog.

The word verification on your post today was, and I kid you not, "mallbox". Could this be another word for a teenaged girl?

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!