Sunday, November 30, 2008

Adventures in Pet Photography

Have you ever wanted to try something and thought to yourself, hmmm how hard could that be really? I've been sitting here in Captain Carl's office, playing around on the computer...aka procrastinating on decorating the house for Christmas and doing laundry.

So I've been sitting here and this little patch of sunlight is coming through the window and hitting the floor right by my feet. Anyone who has cats knows that there is some kind of law in cat world that wherever a sunbeam is located, a cat must lay in it. So Boo decided to mosy on over and join me in this particular sunbeam. Perfect opportunity for me to do some pet photography, right? How hard can it really be??

I present to you, A Lesson In Futility.

"Boo! Come here Boo! Good boy! Awww, what a pretty boy!"


"Boo, come here big boy! Come here Boo Boo Kitty!"

"Damn It!"

"Hey Boo, look at mommy! Come here and look at mommy!"


"Boo, get your fat kitty ass over here and look at me. You want a treaty? I'll give you a treaty, just come look at mommy."

"Son of a bitch!!"

"I know you can hear me. Quit ignoring me, you little fucker."

"That's a good Boo Boo. Mommy loves you, yes she does!"

That took me 20 minutes. Damn, pet photography is hard!


Amber Dawn said...

Beautimus! Ok you snap the pictures, I'll create the custom glam portraits and we will be rich and famous!

PLO said...

Ok, that totally made me crack, I am not doing crack made me laugh. I have come to the conclusion that until your pet is dead, you will not get a decent pet photo. The professionals use taxidermy pets.

Traceytreasure said...

I love your kitty!!
Anything beats decorating and doing laundry!!

Good job with the pictures and captions! Funny as can be, those kitty cats. LOL!!


Traceytreasure said...

Miss Yvonne, I have an award for you!! Come and get it!! You deserve it!!