Thursday, October 1, 2009

I Do Really Important Shit At My Job. Really.

I just spent 45 minutes of company time having this conversation with two co-workers.

Me: Jadon just totally winked at me.
Jadon: I did?
Me: Yes, and you just winked at Anna too!
Anna: He did?
Jadon: That's gonna be my thing today.
Me: Winking?
Jadon: Yep.
Anna: Like that witch on that old tv show?
Me: Sabrina?
Jadon: No, that was the teenage witch. You're thinking of Samantha.
Me: Oh yeah.
Jadon: And Samantha had a daughter named Tabitha.
Me: And a husband named Deron.
Jadon: And there were two Derons.
Me: Right, but Anna means the genie show, not the witch show.
Anna: I do?
Jadon: Yeah, she used to blink her eyes to do her magic genie stuff.
Me: What was her name again?
Jadon: I don't know. Barbara something.
Me: No, her name on the show.
Anna: Genie?
Me: And her husband was....
Jadon: JR!
Me: No, that was his name on Dallas.
Anna: Wait, that guy was on the genie show?
Me: Yeah, but he was a lot younger then.
Anna: Well duh.
Me: Oh what was his name???
Jadon: Tony.
Me: No, that can't be right.
Jadon: Genie was also in Harper Valley PTA.
Me: That was a song.
Jadon: It was also a movie.
Me: Really?
Jadon: Yeah. Dolly Parton sang the song I think.
Me: Did she? I thought it was some other lady. The same one that sang that song about the kid on the bridge.
Anna: Huh?
Me: Hmmm mmmm, something something me and Bobby McGee. Or something like that.
Anna: I don't remember that song.
Jadon: Probably because you were an embryo when it was popular.
Anna: Yeah, you guys are old.
Me: They made a movie about that song too.
Jadon: Wasn't that guy with the mole in that movie?
Me: No, that was John Boy. It was the guy that was in the movie about the runner.
Jadon: The runner?
Me: Yeah, in the 70's. I don't know...he wore really short shorts and had long hair in it.
Jadon: Huh.
Anna: So anyway....
Me: *sigh* I suppose I should go back to work.

20 minutes later my phone rings

Me: Hello?
Jadon: Larry Hagman. Major Anthony Nelson.
Me: What?
Jadon: I Dream Of Genie. That was his name.
Me: Oh right! And he had that creepy friend. Crap....what was his friend's name again?
Jadon: Hmmmm....wasn't it Rog?
Me: That was What's Happening.
Jadon: I'm pretty sure it was Roger or Rog.
Me: Dyn-o-mite!
Jadon: That was Good Times.
Me: Oh shit.

I should totally get a raise.


Houston said...

Rock on! I have never seen an actual "Conversation Train Wreck" before.


BTW, Godzilla can be anywhere. Especially when he is on vacation.

atiredwife said...

I should work with you! I would have thrown the fact that Janet Jackson was on Good Times as Penny in there.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Roger or Major Healey...that was the creepy friend that wanted to do Genie.

Taytay said...

I get paid to hold a chair down, but I work all alone so I don't get the stimulation of talking about old 80's shows. Maybe I can hire someone to talk to me.

mylittlebecky said...

i LOVED i dream of genie! that takes me back... to the channel that plays old tv... *sigh*

diane said...

I didn't know that Whisper Down the Lane was possible in actual conversations. I'm a little jealous of your job right now.

The Peach Tart said...

Sounds like an entertaining workplace.

Green-Eyed Momster said...

I do really important shit at my job too. Probably because I eat important shit! ;)


Jules said...

Can we PLEASE change jobs?????!!!!!!

Little Ms Blogger said...

Because I think you could master the pole, I gave you the I've Shoulda Been a Stripper Award.

Please pick up at



it is conversations like these that almost make me think i could handle having a real job again

found you from a little blog

Amy said...

I'm on disability, so I don't do shit. I miss the deep conversations like the one you described. That's what life's about. I guees I'll have to get my deep meaningful conversations reading and commenting on my favorite blogs.

Beth Dunn said...

So funny



HappyHourSue said...

OMG did I love that show - how about Genie's evil twin sister with the dark hair????????? Girl could start some SHIT. ***sigh*** Good times.