Monday, November 9, 2009

Things Are Not Funny Over Here Today...So Go Read This Instead

I've got family drama going on at my house this week. I'm not going into it right now, except to say it involves the Kiddo and I just don't know if I want to share. Because of all this drama, I am not feeling very funny. But I know someone who is, right this very minute, extremely hilarious. You have to go read Happy Meals & Happy Hour's post about what happens when your child walks in on you bumping uglies with your husband.

Good stuff.

P.S. I'll be back soon...probably with more awesome stories and lots of swears. Until then, I'm off to contemplate why this shit keeps happening to me. Because I'm just that self-centered.


diane said...

See, now why did you do that linky thing? Because now I'm laughing my *ss off, and I have guilt because your situation sucks & I can't stop laughing.

Hope things get better.

Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I was JUST telling Kurt how hard I laughed at that one. Even some of the comments were funny.

Barefoot Foodie's one today about Mr. Bubble cracked me up too.

I'm sorry about the drama. I hope everyone's safe. Come back soon.

Anonymous said...

Swearing is good in these situations! Thinking of you!

Little Ms Blogger said...

I'm with Jules - swearing sometimes helps.

otherworldlyone said...

Hope all is well and you are back soon.

Anonymous said...

Wanna sucker? I can totally mail you a sucker and it will make life so much better. It's a really big sucker that I got for Easter and haven't eaten yet because it scares me but I am almost positive it is still good.

kys said...

I hope things settle down soon!

PS I read that yesterday. So funny!

PPS Someone needs to nominate that post for 5 star Friday. I'm not on Twitter anymore and can't do it.

just making my way said...

Good wishes for the drama to end well. Don't forget we're here if you need to vent too - not just for the funny stuff!

Vic said...

I skipped the link to rush over to the comments and send you my condolences. Hope everything gets better at home soon!

Now I gotta go check out the link.