Monday, January 12, 2009

Feeling Slightly Optimistic

Things are sort of looking better for the Captain and his Miss Yvonne. Since we are currently dead broke and have a mortgage and all the stuff that goes with it to pay, Captain Carl came up with a short-term plan and a long-term plan. The long-term plan is pretty simple. Get a job and stop buying stupid shit. So until the job part happens for him, we have implemented a pretty awesome and terrifying short-term plan. We are renting out our two spare bedrooms. We advertised on craigslist (hi murderers, please come live in my house) and several people responded. We showed the rooms to a 19 year old college student and her brother on Saturday...on Sunday they called and said they want the rooms. Captain Carl has completed the background checks and they are clean as a whistle. So starting this weekend, we'll have roomies. Just like back in college....only with less alcohol and sex, hopefully.

Yeah, I'm kind of freaked. We replaced all of our doorknobs with key-locking ones, so we can protect our valuables....such as our social security numbers and our most valuable possession, the Kiddo. These kids that are renting are barely older than him, so that does make me feel better. We were hoping for a single mom or something sweet like that, but college-aged siblings is the next best thing. The brother is bringing his girlfriend....not happy about that. But if we had said no, we might not have been able to rent both rooms, and renting both rooms means they are paying our mortgage each month. So we put the young couple (What does this girl's mother think of this???) in the bedroom furthest from the know, so he has less chance of listening to them hump like rabbits. But that means the single, 19 year old sister will be in the room right next to him. Which is worse? I honestly don't know. But the Kiddo has received numerous forceful lectures about behaving himself and reporting to us if our new rommates do not behave themselves. All we can do now is pray.

Yesterday was my 35th birthday. I'd been dreading it for a couple months mom was 35 when she had me and it used to seem like an old age. But after Captain Carl got laid off and the housing crisis hit us, turning 35 became very unimportant. Who cares? At least I'm healthy and have my family...and as my mom says, the alternative to getting older really sucks, hardcore. Or something like that. I'm pretty sure she's never said "sucks" in her life, unless she was talking about the flowbee.

Awwww yeah, you rock that 'stache, 80's dude.


Houston said...

Can't go wrong with a FLOWBIE...

Unless the guard falls off.

BTW. Check your email. I got a lead for Captain Carl.

Miss Yvonne said... are the man. :-)

How to Party with an Infant said...

Brilliant plan. We're trying that plan of action as well.

Love that you worked the Flowbee into this post.

Traceytreasure said...

I sent you your belated birthday cake! Hope you liked it!

Hey, I never thought about renting out rooms probably because we don't have any extra and we're about 2 shy of being comfortable!! heheheheheh??? I wonder if anyone would like to live in my shed. Does anyone NOT need running water or electricity....Doubt it!!

Hugs and love,

Amy Kate said...

Oh hey, saw this blog and thought of you:
Just found it last night (it's a garden blogger's "other blog") and I'm going to check it out!