Saturday, January 3, 2009

Pretty Much The Worst Day Ever

Captain Carl got laid off yesterday. It was kind of expected, but we weren't even close to being financially ready for it. So yeah, that sucked. That's all I'm going to say about that for now. Too fresh to discuss.

The Kiddo's girlfriend gave him hickies all over his neck. While she was in our home. With three of his friends in the room. He's in a world of hurt right now, because not only is he being punished by us, but the dumb girl emailed her friends about what she did and her parents read her email and now he's not allowed to be alone with her. Ever. Which is fine with me, because apparently the girl has no discretion and neither does my son. What a couple of dumb asses. He tried to tell us he told her to stop but she was too strong. Uh huh, right. Really, that's the best you got? You aren't strong enough to pull your teeny tiny girlfriend off of you and stop her from sucking on your neck? Sigh.

Oh, and last night he went to the mall with his friends and came home looking like a reject from an 80's boy band. I had to do a double take, because he never dresses like that. His bottom half pretty much looked like this, except his are ripped up and one step away from being acid washed.

Yuck. I know skinny jeans are pretty popular right now for boys, but the Kiddo is really not the type to wear them. One of his friends is though, so I imagine he was influenced by this idiot. It was really hard not to laugh at him. So I did.

The best part was that he was also wearing a black mock turtleneck (to cover the hickies, of course) with a black vest and a puka shell necklace. Nice. This is his outfit to wear tonight to see Trans Siberian Orchestra with his girlfriend and her parents. I will definitely be taking a picture of that. You know, for future embarassment.


HappyHourSue said...

Oh Lord i think I blame Twilight for the rash of hickey outbreaks. "she was too strong" is one for the record books: HI_larious.

Traceytreasure said...

I'm so sorry Captain Carl was laid off. I know how you all feel. Hopefully he'll be able to find something else unlike my husband since construction is a THING OF THE PAST in this town! :(

I remember having the biggest hickies in school when I was a kid and damn, I was proud of them!! Not so much now!!

I HATE skinny jeans. Did they ever look good on anyone? Why can't bad fashion choices just die like construction in this town?

I'm sure that they are cute on your son but I wouldn't be caught dead in them!!

Uber hugs!!


KATHY said...

I'm so sorry to hear about Captain Carl's lay-off. This economy is just getting worse and worse. You and your family are in my prayers.
As for the skinny jeanS, it reminds me of the european men who wear them that say "I'm not gay......but that guy over there has some sexy biceps"
One day his kids will find the photo and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Lulu said...

I am sorry to hear about Captain Carl....fortunately for him, he has you.... UNfortunately, the local jeans store / hickey laser removal place won't take my comment as payment, but still - for him, having a great partner has to count for something.

Aimee said...

oh my gosh, the outfit is hilarious. Do you think it's possible to feather his hair? Because that. would be AWESOME.

PLO said...

Can't wait to see a photo!!! Gotta post one...oh those skinny jeans are in...esp with turtlenecks!