Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm Still Here. Kind Of.

Apologies all around to my bloggy buddies. I'll be in and out of bloggy land for the next few days/weeks/forever, but probably won't be posting a whole lot. Turns out dealing with unemployment, debts and an empty bank account takes up a lot of time and energy. Huh, who knew.

Here's the last 48 hours of my life in a nutshell....more like a nutsack, actually.

Husband loses job. Husband and wife have very small freak out and then relax a bit. Husband and wife realize how broke they are and have major freak out. Husband and wife contemplate selling house. Husband and wife have ginormous freak out. Wife has to say goodbye to parents who are flying back home after holidays. Wife sobs hysterically 50 times in 24 hour period. Husband and wife sleep 2 hours total. Wife goes to work in disguise as depressed zombie. Husband stays home to call attorney and real estate agent. Wife only drinks one glass of water on Monday. Wife realizes on Tuesday she has only peed 3 times since Sunday. Wife drinks gallon of water. Wife doesn't eat for 24 hours and believes she is developing a stress ulcer. Wife contemplates side benefit of being too stressed out to eat. Wife loses a pound. Wife eats cinnamon bun and 5 Dove chocolates. Wife gains 2 pounds. Husband and wife start selling their shit.

That's pretty much it. Nutsack indeed.


Traceytreasure said...

What kind of shit are you selling? I wonder if people would buy my shit....

Oh Dear, I know how you feel! We are in the same boat now....
Keep the house if you can!! Hopefully Captain Carl will find something soon!!

Hugs and love, T

Houston said...


You can the good Captain hang in there. What work does he do (forgive me if it's a dumb question)? I will ask around to see if anyone knows anyone hiring for whatever he does.

You can shoot me an email at houstonkeys(at)gmail(dot)com. We'll say a prayer or two for you.

Don't try to sell poo poo for real. The authorities frown on it (unless it's a yard sell, then it's anything goes, just make sure you don't get talked down from your minimum asking price).

Miss Yvonne said...

Wow, thanks so much Houston! You are a gentleman and a scholar. Email is on the way to you...what a cool dude you are!

Tracey, thanks for the encouragement and hugs! As for the shit, I'm selling all kinds of it. You should try it...put it on craigslist and you'll be surprised at the response.

PLO said...

Oh girl, I am so sorry. We have been there a couple of times...and hopefully you will luck out and Captain Carl will get an even BETTER job with BETTER pay! I am glad you are keeping your sense of humor! Don't forget to lean on us! xoxo PS: Mr. Forcryeye's plant is shut down tomorrow due to not enough work. Yikes.

Traceytreasure said...

Hey Miss Yvonne,

We did sell some shit on Craigslist! It rocks but we are running out of good shit!! **sigh**