Thursday, December 10, 2009

C is for Awesome

You ever have one of those days where most everything seems to be a struggle and you know that big vein in your forehead is going to burst at any second? Yeah, me too. Only mine is one of those years, not days. I made up my mind this morning to write a really whiny blog just because I felt like it. And also maybe because I have the menstrual cramps. But then something really amazing and unexpected happened. I just reached into my paperclip bowl at work and guess what I pulled out? Not a paperclip or a binder clip or even a severed finger. A blue plastic ring with a picture of Cookie Monster on it.

For reals.

Dudes, I have no idea how it got in there. I've been using this paperclip bowl for years and never saw it. It appeared as if from nowhere! It's like Jim Henson was watching me from heaven and saw how frowny I've been lately and so he reached down from the clouds and blam! Cookie Monster ring.

I think you will all agree that that is probably the most awesome thing ever to find in a paperclip bowl. In fact, it could maybe be the most awesome thing ever to find in anything. Except for maybe a three dollar bill. Because if you found one of those, you could be all "That guy is as queer as this" to your friend and then you could hand the three dollar bill to them and they would be all "OMG that is the most awesome thing you've ever said and handed to me!" and then you would nod and be all "Yes, I know. Now give me back my three dollar bill, hooker" and then the end.

P.S. I gave my paperclip Cookie Monster ring to the loud bitch that sits in the office behind me. Because this is the season for giving and also because I left early yesterday and she saw me so I needed a bribe. Thank you, Jim Henson.


kate said...

Muppets pretty much fix everything.

Ed Adams said...


Excellent recycling also.

Double WIN.

just making my way said...

Jim Henson is one of those people that I always get mad about the fact that they are gone. Like Phil Hartman.

JH secretly sending you a cookie monster ring is just the best thing ever!

Tracey said...

Great find. I'm having one of those years too! I probably have wrinkles around the veins bulging out of my head.


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I'm jealous of cookie monster's awesome wonk-eye. He's the master.

Richard @ The Bewildered Brit said...

Nice one!

I'm now hoping Jim sends me a muppet ring.

: waits patiently :

Prosy said...

I kind of had a day like that. I'm having menstrual cramps- but one of our clients brought in the most delicious cookies. So instead of a cookie monster ring- I got to be the cookie monster.

Just.Kate said...

Jim Henson guardian angel FTW.

diane said...

You sure aren't hard to please. Neither am I, I've got a plastic batman ring that makes me smile too.
I love the fact that you passed it someone you probably don't even like. Respect.

Kim said...

Cookie Monster was absolutely the best muppet. Sorry you are having a bad year. I felt like I was having about 4 or 5 of those in a row and then I woke up and was 40 pounds heavier with chin hairs. I'm trying to snap out of it before I end up looking like John Goodman.

Kurt said...

The only difference between charity and bribes is that you can never hump anyone and then when your friends are all "Ew! Why?" You can't call him/her a "bribery case".

Also the only difference is intent.

Fragrant Liar said...

Cookie Monster is good for bribes? How did I miss that?

Joanna Jenkins said...

Who knew cookie monster could get you out of a jam. I've been using cookies all these years.