Monday, February 9, 2009

It Sucks Being The Bad Guy. It Sucks Hard And Long. That's What She Said.

This just in! I am the biggest, bitchiest stepmom on the planet. All you other stepmothers can just piss off, there's no way you can compete with me. I'm in a class all my own, ladies.

I just embarassed the Kiddo in front of the cool new roommates. Yep, I'm a first class bitch.

The Kiddo thinks Eco Nazi and Kool Aid are pretty cool. Weird, but his words. The Captain and I really don't mind him hanging around them because so far, they seem like okay kids. We haven't seen any hint of alcohol, drugs or even cigarettes being used by the roommates. They are friendly and seem genuinely interested in the Kiddo. But they don't DO anything. They never leave the house, unless it's to get groceries or maybe go hiking. They don't seem motivated to, you know, work or whateverrrr.

It's hard to keep an almost 17-year old motivated under normal conditions. He prefers to screw around and then do his work at the last minute, if at all. But add a couple of slackers to your home, and you pretty much have to use extreme measures to get the job done. Like ask him in front of the roommates, "Is there a reason why you are in here watching tv when you have homework to do?"

Yeah, that's hardcore motivation right there.

And the Kiddo pretty much reacted the way I thought he would. He got embarrased and angry and stomped off to his room. We haven't had a little family moment like that in a few months. Aren't those moments great?

So right now, the Kiddo is up in his room...probably texting his buddy about what a bitch his stepmonster is. Meanwhile, the roommates are banging on each other's doors, yelling and acting like fools. Poor kid....he never gets to have any fun.


Betsey Booms said...

Dude, too bad they are closing Guantanamo Bay, you'd be awesome!

Traceytreasure said...

Ahhhh the joys of parenting.....It blows some days!
Is he driving yet?


You have the coolest word verification ever:
I saw Eminem!

Traceytreasure said...

Oooooh, I just realized that you might not now Mr. Mathers since he was really popular in the 90's. Ask your co-worker to play one of his CD's at work. I'm sure it'll go over well with the boss!


Lulu said...

Sheesh! And I thought I was the worst stepmom, after making Princess eat one potato at dinner. One. She gagged for 30 minutes. Not good for future alcohol binges.