Sunday, February 22, 2009

Saving The Planet, One Chili Can At A Time

Eco Nazi and Kool Aid love to waste electricity. I know this because they leave lights on wherever they go. They don't pay utilities here and they are morons, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised.

But here's what pisses me off about the electricity thing. The other night, I threw a empty chili can into the garbage. Eco Nazi later pulled it out, washed it, put it on top of the overflowing recycling bin in the kitchen, and then asked me a question.

Eco: Who do I need to speak to about this chili can?

Me: Excuse me?

Eco: Who threw that chili can in the garbage?

Me: (Pissed off already) That would be me. What's the problem?

Eco: That can should be recycled, you should have put it in the recycling bin.

Me: You know what? Maybe if you took out the recycling once in a while instead of piling shit on top of the already full bin in the kitchen, I would consider recycling more.

Eco: (Blank look) You want me to take out the recycling?

Me: Ummm, yeah. Because right now, you aren't recycling anything. You are just throwing shit into a bin and waiting for one of us to recycle it for you.

Eco: Oh.

Yeah, that conversation happened two weeks ago and he has yet to take out either the recycling or the garbage.

So all that stuff spewing out of his pie hole about saving the environment? Total bullshit. And apparently, leaving lights on all over the house is no big deal either....even though it wastes electricity and don't even get me started on light pollution. Okay, I don't really care about the last thing, but I do care that our electric bill has doubled since those fucktards moved in. But I would think someone who loves our environment enough to recycle chili cans and hug baby polar bears while making spare glaciers in his freezer to replace the ones that are melting in the Arctic* should also care about light pollution and wasted resources.

All this is back story for what I found in their bathroom last night. I noticed that a light was burning upstairs somewhere, so I went up to investigate because I too love baby polar bears and the ozone layer. One of the roommates had left their bathroom light on. I have avoided looking in that room...I've been afraid of what they are doing to it.

Yeah, it's pretty much worse than I thought. I leaned into the room to snap off the light and here are the things that I noticed in the few seconds I could bear to look.
  1. An umbrella and a half-eaten bag of marshmallows on the counter top.
  2. Two rotten bananas in the sink.

It's like a bad joke. "So the priest is holding an umbrella, a half-eaten bag of marshmallows and two rotten bananas..."

Who the fuck keeps rotten bananas in a bathroom sink?? What. The. Hell. is wrong with these people?

*I don't think he actually does that, but he did probably write a paper about melting glaciers and how it affects the polar bear population and he probably sent it to the President, who probably even read it.


Amy Kate said...

I have nothing to say except that I hope you enjoy that I just sit and laugh my ASS off at every post involving these yahoos.

Traceytreasure said...

Un-fucking-believable how much energy people can waste when they aren't paying the bill, huh? Maybe he's working on a space machine that runs on rotten your bathroom!!

Hey, hon, sorry about the grandparent comment. I have a nephew who was a father at 16 and it's an inside family joke. Hope I didn't scare you!! :)

Our boys/MEN ROCK!!


Lulu said... feel your pain at this moment that I can't quite laugh - I can only cringe for you. My nephew lived with us for a year, and he is /was a GREAT kid - took out the trash, helped out around the house. etc. But - his bathroom....blechhhh.

Kurt said...

I totally get the umbrella because sometimes when you are trying to peel your bananas in the shower and they get slippery because they are so wet so you decide "Screw it. I'll just jam this umbrella up my ass instead."

I think we've all been there.