Monday, April 27, 2009

I Know You Are But What Am I?

This is for my blog friend, PLO, who's been having a rough time lately.

Hey Paula, remember when you sent me this letter?

I know you do, because you took the time to draw Pee Wee wonderfulness on the envelope. All for me.

And remember how you not only sent me this fantastic envelope, but you also put these trading cards inside it?

I know you do, because when I told you I never had any you sent me some from your own collection even though we only knew each other through our blogs.

Remember how I said months ago I was going to post pictures of what you sent me and I never did? I know you do. But I bet you don't know how I'm pretty glad I waited all this time to do it, because now I can hopefully cheer you up a little bit while your spirits might be down and your heart might be hurting.

So here you go, very late thank you post for one of the sweetest things anyone I barely know has ever done for me.

P.S. I know you are but what am I?


Kurt said...


So what the fuck else am I supposed to say? I hate these goddamn girly blogs. No boobies or "your Mom" or pirates.

If you had pigtails I would dip them in an inkwell and then you'd be all "Dude. What are you? A Little Rascal? Step the fuck off, Yo."

Miss Yvonne said...

Don't worry Kurt, I'll have something extra manly for you tomorrow.

Now step the fuck off, yo.

diane said...

I went over to her site, to leave a supportive message, but she has one of those verification things that won't let me leave a comment, crap.

Kurt - tits - there, feel better now?

Mona Lott said...


Anonymous said...


now I have the "la la la, connect the dots!" song stuck in my head.

Vic said...

She sounds great - I loved the artwork (the "connect the dots" one made me laugh out loud).

You're great too.

PLO said...

OMG! What a great post girlfriend! I am so glad you enjoyed your love letter! I can't wait to get back here full time...hee hee. You did cheer me! Word of the day: Gratitude! xoxo

Dr Zibbs said...

That postcard is sweeeet.

And I'm a major Pee Wee fan.