Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hot Damn, I'm On Fire!


I won again! I won the giveaway over at Lulu's Sandbar! That's two....count 'em...TWO wins in ONE WEEK. Dudes, I never win anything...ever. This is crazy, yo.

I'm so happy, I could dance around outside in my jammies, like my niece does.

Work it, Miss Thing.

La alaaaa lllaaaaa leee laaa!!!

Hey, go over and check out Lulu's blog and then skip on over to her etsy shop. She's super talented and has great stuff.

P.S. I was going through some old pics and found one I took of Captain Carl peeing next to an outhouse. Yep, next to it...not in it. The man's not right in the head, people.

For your viewing pleasure...

He's got his hands in his pockets.
Show off.


Traceytreasure said...

I'm trying to find the correlation between you winning and Captain Carl peeing on the outside of an outhouse.
I'd probably do that too, those things stink inside! Not sure I could do it with my hands in my pockets....Kudos to him and congrats to you!!
Cute Niece!!

Big Jugs!!

Moonkee said...

I have a cat who likes to pee beside the litter box instead of in it.

diane said...

WoooHoooo! I'm so glad you won, honey! Lulu is really deck.

I laughed out loud at the sight of Capt. Carl peeing next to the outhouse, I even clicked to enlarge the photo. Just great. xo

word ver. - pytopla, which means my match has gone out.

Vic said...

I saw that at Lulu's!! Congratulations! (even though I'm secretly all bummed out because now I'm an extra big loser)

I laughed out loud at both pictures. Captain Carl is a man who thinks outside the box. Or pees outside it. Either one.

Brian said...

Isn't winning great? It really is everything.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I have heard winning really IS everything too. Unless you lose. Then it's not whether you win or lose, but how you play the game. I cheat.

Nice blog, I'll be back. And yes, I totally did the terminator voice and EVERYTHING.

Anna Russell said...

I'm totally jealous of all your winnings, but you made up for it with the peeing pic.

Dana's Brain said...

Congratulations! What exactly are you offering these people that gets you to "win"?

Maybe it's that picture, 'cause that is damn funny.

Prosy said...

I really had to pee the other day, and there were no bathrooms anywhere. Mr. T swaggers over to the bushes, pees, comes back and tells me, "haha, I didn't really even need to pee much, I just wanted to rub it in that I can and you can't."
what a jokester.

erin said...

I wish I were a dude so bad sometimes! Jeremiah (my dude) is thin, eats anything he wants, can ride a skateboard, hockers all the time and pees anywhere he wants. Ugh!

Your Greater Sacramento Real Estate Connection said...

Wudja win? Your man certainly is a "Man's Man" Yup, Yup!

(Sacred Yoli doing business as.....