Tuesday, March 3, 2009

You Should Blame Amber Dawn For This

I got tagged by Amber Dawn....please post your complaints to her blog. I'm supposed to post the sixth image in my sixth picture folder. Ummmm, I don't have six picture folders...I only have one. So I multipled six by six and picked the 36th image in my one picture folder instead.

Don't ask me why I have this picture. I don't have a reasonable explanation.

Dave Coulier is lookin' hot lately, no?


Steam Me Up, Kid said...

I'm sending Amber Dawn my therapy bill.

I do believe that's a mullet wig. Or a capybara.

Amy Kate said...

Holy shit, my favorite is the kid, framed by the legs and crotch. Poor kid. Poor beach.
Please tell me that isn't someone you know, but just some picture you located somewhere that tickled you the right way. Because that stephen adler mullet could totally do some massive tickling!

Kurt said...

Amber Dawn sounds like a porn star name or a secret military operation so...win/win. Also that picture made my eyes sad. But in an awesome way!

Moonkee said...

How nice ("nice") for him that the thong *shudder* he is currently sporting shows off the tan line from the too Mennonite-ish Speedo he was obviously wearing till yesterday, when he ... killed a European?

Betsey Booms said...

I'm not convinced that this ISN'T Captain Carl.

Boss Mullet.

Miss Yvonne said...

Steam Me Up, Kid: I agree, the mullet is probably a wig. An AWESOME wig.

Amy Kate: I can't decide if I'm more tickled with the kid in his crotch or his mullet.

Kurt: Amber Dawn would also be a great name for a WWII computer game.

Moonkee: Who knew tan-lined white asses were en vogue this year...besides this guy, I mean.

Betsey: Nice try, but Captain Carl only wears regular speedos...no more thongs for him since "The Bad Taco Thong Incident" as we like to call it.

Vic said...

I feel a little faint.

The tan lines are probably even better from the back. Also, I wonder when he went to the tattoo parlor if he said, "Make it look like a radiation burn!", because if he did, the tattoo guy deserved a big tip.

Aimee said...

eeeew. I'm particularly offended by him giving birth to a small child as he ran.

Traceytreasure said...

Looks like he's shitting a baby!


PLO said...

Come on, is that really "cut it out" Dave? Gross. Gross. Gross.

Ladybug650 said...

Mullet, thong, sucking it in, kid, I'm at a loss.

"The Bad Taco Thong Incident"
Care to elaborate??

Amber Dawn said...

Holy Hell my sides hurt! See I TOLD you that triple six shit is bad BAD stuff. Look what it made you do. Now I must go finish developing my WWII military operation by Porn Star computer game. I need the cash to pay for all the psych bills.

Brandy Rose said...

Oh, check out that tan line.